Contemporary life poses particular challenges to us all: entering into psychoanalysis means taking up the opportunity to speak in the presence of an other about the specificity of the conditions of one’s life. In the context of an analysis, speech takes on new and sometimes strange dimensions - what we find ourselves saying surprises us as hidden thoughts unravel. This can mean attending to fleeting dreams and fantasies, which usually get lost in the business of everyday life. Often we discover the multitude of ways in which we are lived by desires that we can’t always understand. 

Psychoanalysis is a practice which takes time; some people come for shorter periods, while others stay for several years. Some people come once or twice a week for sessions, others more frequently. Sessions are 50 minutes and take place at the same time each week. We would begin by booking an initial appointment to discuss what brings you to psychoanalysis, and to see what working together might be like. My practice is based in central Exeter, within a short walk from both Exeter Central and Exeter St David’s train stations. My fee is £50 per session.